July 30th, 2006

little me

Two weddings and my funeral

Man, I haven't updated in a while, maybe it's the shock of having my mother comment on my blog.

I've been so busy lately, every weekend seems to have at least three things I'm invited to and it's all things I feel bad about turning down.

The next couple of weekends, we're going to weddings. Every bugger I know seems to be throwing their lives away entering into a blessed union, I think it's a sign I'm getting old.

I'm looking forward to my friend Chris' wedding because there's a lot of people I haven't seen in ages coming along. The one coming the furthest is probably Dan, who has been travelling around the world (he has a blog here and it's great reading).

Turning 28 has had a pretty traumatic effect on me, where did it all go? I swear to God I was 21 a few weeks ago.