August 29th, 2007

little me

Curriculum Vitae

I've posted my CV on my site.

I'm not frantically looking around for work, but if someone cool is hiring and wants to swoop in and offer me a job I may be interested.

I decided to do my CV in HTML this time. Firstly, I do so much web stuff I actually find HTML/CSS easier to control than bloody Word (frankly, I never learnt to use it properly). I'll probably bung up a PDF at some point and may also put up a word doc if I find a sensible way of converting it without losing all the formatting.

Doing it as HTML gave me the opportunity to add in a bunch of hyperlinks, which is useful when pointing to work examples, and also to mark it up in hResume, the microformat draft for CVs.

(this is where I lose the non-geeks)

Hopefully this will mean it'll be easier to add to aggregators, the timelines of the different job/education positions are marked up as hCalendars and all the contact details are hCards, which in future will make contacting references etc. a lot easier.

I did find a few problems when marking it up, which I'll no doubt talk about on the microformats mailing list - the main one is that currently there's no way of indicating the 'present' as an end date of a calendar entry so it's hard to mark up your current job.