November 28th, 2007

little me

Microformats let you take control of your data

I use iCal on the Mac quite a lot now - I've got my basic diary in there plus a feed from Facebook of any Events I've RSVPed to, a feed of Last.FM gigs I'm going to and a list of UK bank holidays I found somewhere (incidentally this is why I think it's much better when people organise things via Facebook!).

The whole lot syncs to my phone and helps me compensate for my terrible terrible memory. One thing that was missing, that I can never remember, is the fixture list for Crewe - I'm always being surprised on a Tuesday when the results come in and we've played.

I searched around but couldn't find an iCalendar feed for the fixtures anywhere. There were plenty of web pages with the list but nothing I could subscribe to, so I decided to try and build my own.

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