ciaranmcnulty (ciaranmcnulty) wrote,

Dr Who

Ciaran: Did you watch Dr Who?
Nick: I saw the first one. It was alright
Ciaran: Ecclestone was alright
Nick: He grinned a bit too much but he was ok
Ciaran: That bit about 'Ooh I can feel the Earth revolving' annoyed me because of the ridiculous music they put beneath it
Nick: And it gives him superpowers he doesn't need
Ciaran: I wouldn't say superpowers...
Nick: Well I haven't got that ability
Ciaran: The main trait of the doctor is that he's from a higher race who Know Loads More Than We Do
Nick: Yeah but it's a higher race that doesn't really do anything we can't, they just know shit
Ciaran: He has two hearts!
Ciaran: He has 12 lives!
Nick: Ehh, that's just a cosmetic difference
Nick: And the 12 lives thing is - let me blow your mind - only so they can have different actors
Ciaran: I'd like to see you come back from the dead!
Nick: I will!
Ciaran: Will your personality be different? That'd be good
Nick: It'll be different but still hate you
Nick: Motherfucker
Nick: I can't believe I set myself up for that
Tags: dr who, nick

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