ciaranmcnulty (ciaranmcnulty) wrote,

Sheep and rain

Hm, it's been a while since I updated.

We spent this weekend in Cardiff for a couple of reasons. The first was that my friends Matt and Sally got engaged and I haven't seen them in ages so I wanted to catch up. The second reason was that Roz's team Watford were in the Championship Play Off final and her entire family were decamping up there for the game on Sunday.

The Millennium Stadium is very impressive with the roof closed. There was a croud of around 65 thousand and they made a hell of a noise. Watford won, so that's good. I'm trying to use it as an excuse to get Sky HD next year ("You'd be able to watch the away games, darling!") but she keeps bringing up inconvenient facts like my complete lack of funds.

I'm currently listening to Clayhill's acoustic album. It's a lot like their Cuban Green album but much better, because they're not trying to fanny around with samplers all the time.
Tags: cardiff, clayhill, engagement, football, leeds, music, watford

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