ciaranmcnulty (ciaranmcnulty) wrote,

Phew, I'm back

I haven't updated for a while because I don't really know what to do with a blog. However, I've made a decision to update more often and will be trying to write more about movies I've seen, restaurants I've been to, books I've read and so forth, as well as a bit of technical stuff thrown into the mix. This might not be of interest to the people currently reading, but I promise not to be offended if people un-friend me!

We got back from our MAMMOTH 4-week holiday in Australia at the start of the week. The whole thing was fantastic, and I'll try to cover it in more detail in future posts - the main thing I want to get across now is that I haven't been ignoring people for the last month, I've been away! While you're waiting for the full astory, here's a picture of me pretending to be a kangaroo.

Ciaran bonding with a kangaroo

Work is currently incredibly hectic. Finding quality PHP people to recruit is a bit like getting blood from a stone, but we're making some small progress. It's always amazed me how little you can know about IT and still work in IT recruitment - I'm not in fact clear on what these people do for a living. It must be nice to be a big company like Google and be able to set a whole bunch of hoops for candidates to jumpt through. We just have to put up with wasting (aggregate) hours of our time in interviews with candidates who are clearly unsuited to the advertised position.

I'll let out a big sigh of relief once we've recruited a couple more people. because at the moment I'm a bit of a one-man band, which is what prompted me to leave my last job in the first place.
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